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I research and build digital tools and prototypes for creative people, who in turn inspire me to refine and adapt those tools.

For that I use C++, Python, vvvv, C#, OpenFrameworks, Unity, Flutter, web technologies, a soldering iron, Ecad, CAD, 3D animation and printing, microcontrollers, a circular saw or a welder.

Today I work at "Ernst Busch" academy of dramatic arts
where I founded the digital lab

I share insights into my work on
Instagram, Vimeo, GitHub and LinkedIn:

I enjoy being part of a team that creates user experiences that lead to creative, inspiring moments.

For that I‘m always keen to experiment, fail, fail again, and learn something new.

I'm also co-founder of Tinkertank
and was senior lecturer at animationsinstitut

...and I created games and installations like
Lagging Legs , LUX and ab sofort!


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